The bride and groom at sunset with the vail blowing in the wind and the sea in the background in Samos Isalnd.
Bride and groom at the castle of Lycourgos Logothetis in Samos
Photo by Reeldrone

In the summer of 32 B.C., the Greek Queen of Ancient Egypt Cleopatra and Marc Antony sailed to Samos to celebrate their love affair. (Yes, Cleopatra was Greek and a descendant of the founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty which ruled Egypt. Her native language was Greek, and historical sources naturally mention this.)

Why Samos?

Samos was a cosmopolitan getaway where the rich and famous, especially Romans wanted to visit and be seen. It was the Mykonos of the ancient world. Its astounding beauty differed greatly from other Greek islands. The rich hues of lush green forests, turquoise waters, flora carpeting the mountainscapes, and even flamingos, captivated its visitors.

Celebrations of Love

Cleopatra and Marc Antony hosted celebrations that lasted three weeks. They brought popular actors from Ephesus, comedians, and musicians and held theatrical plays. They had elaborate banquets with performances that lasted throughout the night. I like to believe that the island soaked up all the love, passion, and joy into its core.

Bride and groom in black and white photo climbing up the steps to the castle in Samos..
Bride and groom at stairway to castle Logothetis in Samos.
bride and groom watch the sunset

Your Wedding in Samos

What does a wedding in Samos look like? Here, there are several options to consider, and all of them will create an unmatched wedding celebration just as Cleopatra and Marc Antony once held. While the most popular venues are ones with panoramic sea views or private beaches for ceremonies, I challenge you to consider something unique.

Top 7 Themed Weddings in Samos

Samos is an agricultural and artisan island, producing many local products that can inspire a themed wedding. Here are some ideas worth considering:

  1. Wine – Samos is internationally awarded for their wine production. An entire theme can be easily created by hosting your wedding in a winery or mountainside vineyard overlooking the Aegean. You can read more about the wine here
  2. Metaxa- Samos is the home of the world-renowned and famous Metaxa Cognac & Brandy. You can host a small gathering as a pre-wedding cocktail party at their exclusive “Liknon Home of Metaxa” Their services are only VIP and will leave an impression on you and your guests.
  3. Pottery – Easily incorporate small gifts and favors of local personalized pottery. Large terracotta pots and vessels can be incorporated throughout your theme with florals, candles, and Greek tapestry creating a very Mamma Mia theme. 
  4. Villa Venues – Private villa estates are nestled in secluded spots on the island that offer a most elegant and private wedding celebration. Large rosemary bushes, vineyards, and olive groves adorn these estates and offer amazing backdrops for photos. I recommend theming a wedding as vintage and old money-styled with fancy wine goblets, old oil lamps, and elegant touches in the decor.
  5. The Beach Party Wedding – With an option to book an entire beach at half the cost of booking a a venue, you can have your ceremony and reception right on the beach in complete privacy. 
  6. The Traditional Village – With so many charming mountain and seaside villages there is a selection of locations where you can offer your guests the complete Greek experience. If you are considering a religious ceremony, Samos has over 100 churches and chapels with exceptional architecture in truly magical locations.
  7. Seaside Restaurants – There is a selection of restaurants that can be privately booked that are on seaside cliffs overlooking the Aegean or directly on the beach. Some are located within walking distance of the hotels saving time in your timeline of the day as the cost of transfers.

I am delighted to share my insights and offer advice. Are you concerned about something? Is there a specific topic you would like me to explore? Share it with me.  I will gladly consider it in my next blog post. I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, or inquiries.

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Fancy wine glasses served at a reception wedding in Samos.
The table fwith the guest book at the wedding reception with gold accent decor.

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