Customize your RSVP. Deciding to have an intimate wedding with only your closest friends and family or maybe even skipping the guest list altogether and eloping? Either way, there are a few points to consider. Always be sensitive to the various special requirements or needs of your guests such as mobility issues, food allergies, and dietary restrictions. Perhaps you can ask guests to leave a note in their RSVP making this information easy to gather and accessible for you. A customized RSVP form within your wedding website can include such questions. If you are planning on eloping then you need to speak with your wedding planner about witnesses or an officiant who will speak the language preferred by you.

The Reception Dinner. The menu should accommodate everyone, even the little guests. We all know very well that hungry children are not happy children and neither will their parents be. Some venues can not make last-minute changes leaving some guests uncomfortable. If you have sent RSVPs as described above then you will be relieved when putting your menu together that you have not forgotten anyone. Your printed menu will be greatly appreciated if brief descriptions accompany the menu choices since plenty of guests might not have ever tasted some of these dishes.

Brainstorm & Pin if you must. Have a one-page collage of photos, or mood board with ideas that inspire you and appeal to the type of wedding you are dreaming of. These will come in handy each time you discuss details with your planner, florist, DJ, and anyone else who is involved in organizing. Your ceremony layout, bouquet, table centerpieces, guest signing/photo booths, type of lighting, and color schemes are some of the details to consider.

I am delighted to share my insights and offer advice. Are you concerned about something? Is there a specific topic you would like me to explore? Share it with me. I will gladly consider it in my next blog post. I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, or inquiries.


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