We all need to pause, step back, breathe and enjoy this precious life.

If you have not yet considered the details or are uncertain of the type of event you would like to host, I will assist you through my process and help you determine your needs and the ideal event depending on the location you choose. No matter how big or small, the same love and attention to detail goes into every single event.

If you are here on business and would like to plan a special dinner, wine tasting event or cocktail party for your team, clients or colleagues I am happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Let's Pop the Cork!

What’s your pleasure?

Let my dream team take care of everything and all you have to do is bring your good vibes. Bachelorette/Bachelor parties, Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Tea parties, Name Day celebrations, Baby Shower, Cocktail parties, Surprise parties and the list goes on. I imagine you get the picture that the only kind of party we won’t do is perhaps a political party.

How much help will you need?

Sometimes you are thinking of hosting an event as simple as a pool party with some friends and all you might need are a few calls and booking some vendors with a specific budget in mind. Everything is tailored to your needs and wishes as well as my services. You can be as involved as you wish. We will discuss the types of packages that are available or tailor one to fit your needs.

Where do you envision your celebration to take place?

Let’s explore some daring options for an unforgettable event.

City Lights

On the Athenian Riviera explore venues with a thread of luxury woven into every detail.

The Peloponnese Peninsula

The best of both worlds. Within a short distance from the mainland and city of Athens, here you will feel as though you are on an island in the Mediterranean while the Metropolis is at your feet.

Aegean Islands

Uncharted locations and exclusive destinations scattered in the Aegean Sea on islands such as Paros, Samos, and Patmos. Do you have your personal favourite escape? Let’s go!

Private Estates

Samos Island has a very interesting historical past that is very much present through its Neo-classical architecture, archeological sites and local products that are still produced today. Old wineries and tanneries have been renovated into luxurious estates and venues holding on to their character and even most of the original material parts that link them to the past.

Land or Sea

Beachfront venues are transformed into unique spaces that can host any event with all the necessary facilities and comforts. Estates in the countryside are elevated with panoramic views and surrounded by olive groves and vineyards.

Private Beach

Here your event can be completely exclusive offering you and your guests privacy with the Aegean at your feet. The quiet coves can be transformed into romantic settings or disco nights.


I want to create your significant day just as you wish it to be with memories that are shared for a lifetime My team of destination professionals, hospitality experts, and hopeless romantics is driven by a passion for their work to ensure that each event is spectacular and memorable. You can rest assured that you and your guests are in good hands.