Greece is known to be a place where the light is unique. Many poets and authors have written about how it touches and permeates everything in a brilliant way causing us to see objects not as they appear, but as they are.

You will want to take full advantage of this light up until all the shades of the sunset will fill the sky slowly blending into the sea. This means that you must make sure everything is planned accordingly. 

This is how my sunset rule came to be. I always begin creating the wedding day timeline from the time the sun will set on that day and counting backward. You will want to avoid the harsh light that is directly above you and the unbelievable heat that comes with it. Once you have these times in mind everything else will fall into place.

How do I plan my wedding timeline?

When you google the sunset on your exact date remember to include the location as well. My favorite site that will include all the details you need is for your samos wedding.

Pay close attention to “civil twilight”, this is just after sunset when there is light all over the sky yet the sun is no longer visible. The light is wonderful, but lasts only a short while before “civil dusk”. 

There needs to be a happy balance for the best possible outcome for a wedding day schedule. You will want to be as comfortable as possible during your outdoor summer ceremony avoiding the hot sun, yet have enough time to snap all the family photos as well as your own private session all the way up to the sunset.. In any case, light is one major determining factor that will shape many parts of any event, and don’t take it lightly.

capturing the special moments

The word photography derives from the Greek language. It is formed by combining the two words photo (meaning light) and graphia (meaning writing or drawing). It is a successful art when the artist understands light and how to use it properly. In this case your photographer.

I highly recommend that you meet with your photographer and planner and discuss this in detail. It might seem straightforward and even unnecessary, however, I assure you that under the pressure of timing and heightened emotions, very important moments that you would have liked to have photographed might slip by uncaptured.

In my wedding timeline, I always encourage the bride and groom to list all the photos they want to capture. This might seem unnecessary at first. However, everyone has different viewpoints and ideas on capturing the memories of the day, and your particular style and wishes are what matter most.

Some Tips to remember

  • Schedule some food and hydration. Have someone in charge of snacks on the day. The bride and groom sometimes don’t get a chance to eat anything until the reception dinner. There should be some light snacks, fruits, and finger food available while the couple is preparing. This is often referred to as the bridal graze. It can be an elaborate buffet including Mimosas, or a simple platter of snacks. Avoid anything with sauce, butter, and oils. A nervous stomach will not respond well to these types of snacks and you are risking the accidental stain.
  • Set aside a time for you to step back and take a breather. This is often a very demanding day and you will need a proper moment to rest and recharge. Once the ceremony is over and you have taken all your photos, I recommend that you take at least 30-45 min to rest before getting to the reception.
  • When scheduling your wedding day timeline, consider the arrival time and departure of your vendors and their services. Some vendors require others to arrive before them for them to be able to set up. For example, your DJ and Sound Tech need to work together. Another example is photography and video. You may save a few bucks if you are willing to set a cut-off time for photography instead of having them stay throughout the entire night.

I am delighted to share my insights and offer advice. Are you concerned about something? Is there a specific topic you would like me to explore? Share it with me.  I will gladly consider it in my next blog post. I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, or inquiries

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