Intimate wedding celebrations are a trending request that I have seen grow tremendously in the past couple of years. As a professional wedding planner, most of the requests that I have received are from couples who choose Greece as their location to host a micro wedding instead of a huge wedding celebration.

Intimate Micro Wedding or Huge Wedding Celebration?

A small wedding can be the best option for you since it is always adaptable to your personal preferences while remaining flexible regarding planning and logistics. The massive wedding day is not entirely a thing of the past, it is adjusting to new ideals and evolving. When you choose to go small on your guest list, you automatically have the option to go big in many other ways. Those ideas that become impossible to afford with 250 guests are now plausible. You are saving on a long list of services that include the reception dinner, open bar, transfers, stationary, and rentals to mention a few.

The money you have saved by reducing your guest list can be used to embellish your wedding or possibly turn it into a three-day celebration just as some islands in Greece are known to do. With a smaller guest list, you can choose the 5-star venue or villa estate of your dreams. You can include a boat excursion or pamper your friends and family with welcome baskets filled with goodies, including a printed itinerary of the events to ensure everyone has all the information on the what, where, and when.

The reception dinner and drinks are usually the largest portion of your budget and once that has been reduced you can opt for the sit-down instead of the buffet. There are many choices in Greece to consider. Another option that creates an interesting experience is a traditional Greek Family sit-down buffet. If you are wondering what that can be, let’s explore some ideas together. Generally speaking, with a micro wedding you can go entirely out of the box and let your creativity flow.

Should I Have a Destination Micro Wedding In Greece?

Greece is at the top of the list when it comes to unique destination-micro weddings. Whether you dream of exchanging vows with your closest friends and family on the beach, in a cozy seaside tavern, or just want a romantic elopement, Greece offers backdrops that create a magical experience each time. Some of the undiscovered islands offer luxurious and exclusive estates as venues. These are my absolute favorites because they offer bespoke weddings, exclusive experiences, and complete privacy. Not to mention at a fraction of the cost of the more popular advertised wedding locations.

From first-class venues with high standards to the cozy traditional taverna with exceptional quality, Greece is the perfect destination for any style or budget.

In massive weddings, one of the cons is the pressure you feel thinking about keeping everyone satisfied. Small weddings offer the intimacy that keeps everyone cozy with shared moments of bliss relieving you of this pressure. The best part is you will be able to spend quality time with every single one of your guests.

I am happy to carefully guide you to uncover the secrets of a successful micro-wedding in Greece. I guarantee it will remain in everyone’s memory as an amazing and unique experience.


I want to create your significant day just as you wish it to be with memories that are shared for a lifetime My team of destination professionals, hospitality experts, and hopeless romantics is driven by a passion for their work to ensure that each event is spectacular and memorable. You can rest assured that you and your guests are in good hands.