Once you have found your location, booked your planner, and finalized most of the logistics, now you are putting together your wedding guest list and deciding on the wedding party.

Traditionally this was a very long list of names that had to be in couple form thus making the decisions all the more difficult. I won’t even get into the matching bridesmaid’s dress ordeal. This alone was enough to destroy all the joys of planning the wedding. I love how we have done away with the norms and now each bridesmaid can have her own style and maybe even the color of the dress that suits her best.

Thankfully we are past the days when the groomsmen had to dress exactly like the groom in order to confuse the evil-doers and become a protective shield for the couple. In some traditions of long ago, it is said that the groomsmen served as the kidnappers who abducted the bride against her will. In a more pleasant scenario, they served as Knights protecting her from the disapproving relatives who would try to separate the young lovers.

Although these old traditions spark up many fun ideas on how you can create interesting themes for your wedding day, let us discuss what your wedding party should be doing and the various tasks you can assign to them.

The Ring Protector – Imagine a handsome version of a Gullum whose number one priority is the safekeeping of the rings at all times. This might mean collaborating with the photographer (since it will definitely be on his details list of photos to take) or your planner might need them prior to the ceremony if they will be placed in a particular decorative box or pillow.

The Toastmaster– It is a great idea to have someone in charge of the speeches. You shouldn’t have to stress about deciding everything. Your toastmaster will collaborate with your planner to ensure the timeline will include the proper cues in collaboration with your Dj . This is actually a critical part of your timeline. There are many ways to coordinate speeches that create moments of interest throughout the dinner.

The Dancefloor – Your bridal party in general will be the ones who will get up and get the crowd going. They are the first ones to start off any games you might want to play, occasionally being the ones who will plan and execute them as well.

The Officiant – If you are planning on having a symbolic ceremony, you might want to consider that one of your groomsmen or bridesmaids would love the opportunity to be the one to officiate the ceremony.

The Emotional Support – Enough can’t be said on this one. The most important days of our lives are days that we share with others. Wedding jitters are a real thing. Brides who are always very meticulous about organizing every detail will be the ones who need their girls there beside them the most to relieve any last-minute tasks or issues that may arise.

I am delighted to share my insights and offer advice. Are you concerned about something? Is there a specific topic you would like me to explore? Share it with me. I will gladly consider it in my next blog post. I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, or inquiries.


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