Villa Marnei Mare in a secluded area near the sea on Samos Island.

Elli’s Plan Top 10

  1. Privacy– Booking a Villa venue for your wedding in Greece means you have exclusivity for the duration of your stay and during your event. You are guaranteed not to have people in the background of your photos that are not part of your wedding.
  2. No Transfers – You are already on-site and don’t need to include transfer costs or time in your planning. This alone is a cost that can be anywhere from 150-350 euro in buses or taxi service.
  3. Outdoor Ceremony– Usually Villa venues in Greece will have elaborate gardens, or private beaches that are perfect as a ceremonial site with amazing picturesque views.
  4. Picturesque Surroundings– Beautiful gardens, seacliffs, and private beaches are some of the amazing backdrops that will adorn your photos. There is no need to go elsewhere to take your photos, again saving you time and transfers.
  5. Flexible Layouts – Depending on your preferences, you can customize the layout of the ceremony and reception. Estates have versatile spaces that can adapt to various wedding styles and sizes.
  6. Extended Celebrations– Throw a next-day pool party or spa day with a professional masseuse and beauty treatments. You can enhance the entire experience into extended celebrations and parties with your guests.
  7. No Restrictions–  There is no need to worry about the shutdown of your party. Usually, Villa Estates are in secluded locations with no limitations on time or music.
  8. Personalized Experience– Choosing a Villa venue for your wedding in Greece will set your wedding apart from the more conventional options. It ensures that your guests will have a very unique experience as well.
  9. Intimate Setting -The atmosphere is cozy and personal as opposed to large banquet halls or hotels. There is almost a homey feeling and your guests will surely feel comfortable mingling and exploring the grounds.
  10. Customized Decor– Since you will have exclusive use, there is great flexibility in decorating the space to match your vision. This includes personalized touches that will be challenging in more traditional venues.

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Wedding reception tablescape with florals.
Wedding Ceremony with floral arch in the gardens of a villa in samos.
Couple photoshoot at the villa in samos with stunning backdrops of the aegean sea.

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